CEO - Brandy Smith

Brandy Smith has had a wide range of skill assets in various industries. She grew up in a rural part of Alabama, and has thrived as an individual who doesn't take no for an answer. In a field that seems to be dominated by men, Brandy has created a business that thrives.

The Brand Architechs - Our Story

In 2019, The Brand Architechs was founded as an American Indian, woman owned small business. The Brand Architechs is also located in a Hubzone in Huntsville, Alabama. Our company is a solutions driven company that focuses on technology and cyber security pain points that resides within a vast array of industries. These industries include, but are not limited to: Automotive, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, 3rd party to government, and sectors within the government.

The Brand Architechs is positioned to achieve certifications as an economically disadvantaged, minority, 8A organization. We strive in hiring employees who are passionate and have the same company values as we do. We pride ourselves in our values of teamwork, providing incredible service to our customers, Loyalty, and exceptional service.